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As of 12 August 2018, Phase 2 public consultation on the proposed bus network for Canberra is closed.

Transport Canberra would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback and input on the New Bus Network for Canberra. We have received over 8500 responses through surveys, emails, and meetings. This significant response speaks to the important role our public transport network plays in the daily lives of the people of Canberra and across our communities.

The ACT Government will now take time to process this feedback and use the data we have received to inform decision making. An overview of what we heard and how the network will be implemented will be available to the public later in 2018.

Why is a new bus network being introduced?

Canberra is Australia’s fastest growing city. In the next 15 years, the population is expected to reach more than 500 000.

Lifestyles are also changing. As more people move away from a 9-to-5 work schedule, there is a greater need for more services for evening and weekend travel.

The ACT Government is investing now to ensure that the best possible network, fleet and infrastructure are in place to meet the needs of our growing city and ensure Canberra remains one of the most liveable cities in the world.

The design of a modern, integrated network of bus and light rail is a critical first step.

What we are planning

We have been asking what Canberrans want from public transport in our city.

Three key features have been consistently highlighted as priorities;

  • more direct routes
  • more frequent and reliable services
  • increased services for on and off peak times

Transport Canberra has been guided by this feedback and has applied a data-driven approach to design a seven day, every day modern network with the following features:

  • Ten Rapid Routes that move residents across the City at high frequency.
  • Shorter, straighter, more regular and reliable local services that connect people with their local destinations and into the Rapid Routes.
  • Overall the new planned network provides greater service coverage and frequency, seven days a week at peak and off-peak times across Canberra.
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Exciting improvements to Canberra’s entire public transport network are planned. We want to ensure that you and your family members feel safe and comfortable about travelling to school on the new bus network.

  • The whole bus network will be changing to ten high frequency Rapid routes, and local services which will connect more schools to the general public transport network.
  • The new bus network will have more services, more often, with greater flexibility, meaning that students will not need to wait as long for buses and services will be more reliable.
  • Transport Canberra is committed to working with schools and families on specific school bus safety initiatives, particularly at interchanges.
  • We are committed to ensuring students can get to school before bell time in the mornings and are collected within 30 minutes of bell time in the afternoons.

Transport Canberra is working closely with key stakeholders during the transition to the new bus network. The priority is ensuring safe and reliable public transport and whenever possible supporting the healthy option of active travel by walking, bike or scooter.

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