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School Travel on Public Transport in 2019

Exciting improvements to Canberra’s entire public transport network are planned to support Canberra to remain one of the most liveable cities in the world. This will mean changes to the way students travel to school by public transport in 2019. You can review the public transport services for your school planned for the 2019 school year. Transport Canberra will release detailed school and general bus timetables and route information in late 2018 before the new bus network starts early in 2019.

The school services planned as part of the New Bus Network have been designed based on a new School Bus Policy. This draft policy relates to the provision of school bus services as part of Canberra’s broader public transport network. The final policy will be released with the new bus network timetables in late 2018 – view the draft School Bus Policy here.

The majority of students in Canberra travel to school by car. This means that many students are missing out on the health benefits of active travel and the opportunity to become skilled public transport users. It also means many schools are congested with traffic around bell times.

Right now an average day of School Bus Travel in Canberra looks like this:

  • MyWay ticketing data shows that 30% of students who get to school by public transport change buses on a typical school day.
  • 10,400 students per school day catch regular Transport Canberra bus services. This is 58% of all students that catch public transport to and from school.

  • The whole bus network will be changing to ten high frequency Rapid routes, and local services which will connect more schools to the general public transport network.
  • All general and school bus routes and timetables will be different in 2019.
  • Some students that travel long distances to school may have more connections in their journey.

  • The new bus network will have greater flexibility. At the moment dedicated school buses are highly inflexible and some routes are extremely long and slow. If a student misses a school bus, there is there is no other option. This will improve under the new network.
  • More services, more often mean that students will not need to wait as long for buses.
  • The new network has shorter and straighter routes to improve reliability, ensuring students can arrive on time.

To support your family members to use the new public transport network to school, we are committed to:

  • Making interchanges safe for students with safe zones, transport officers and dedicated student safety officers.
  • Working with schools and parents on any safety concerns, particularly at interchanges.
  • Getting students to school before bell time in the mornings.

The ACT Government is committed to helping children get their recommended daily 60 minutes of exercise and to form active lifestyle habits from a young age.

The ACT Government is making it easier for children to walk or ride to school. This includes:

  • School Crossing Supervisors Program – this puts in place supervisors to assist children to cross the road safely at a number of busy roads near schools.
  • Active Street Program – this aims to make school environments and the route children walk or cycle to school safer and more conducive for active travel.
  • Ride or Walk to School and It’s Your Move – Safe Cycle for High Schools programs to encourage students to walk or ride to school and make active travel the norm for children.

We are open to more ideas to encourage safer, healthier travel to school, especially using non-car options. Tell us your ideas at TCCS.Activetravel@act.gov.au.

Traffic congestion is a common issue around schools close to bell times. If you need to drive, it may be safer and quicker to drop your child near the school, instead of at the school gate. It is also a great way for kids to get some exercise, saves you time and makes it safer for all children at the school.

If you need to park at a school, make sure you are parked legally. Illegal parking near schools is dangerous, as it makes it harder for other drivers to see children crossing roads near the school.

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